I Really Needed a Nice-looking Place to Be Happy with It

I figured that if I wanted to live in a really nice place, I would need to specifically look at apartments in Silver Spring itself. This is a pretty city that is next door to the city that I live in. Where I live is a bit more run down and the buildings seem to be much older. Instead, I wanted to find a place to rent where buildings look more modern both inside and outside. I knew that I could find a really nice place without too much trouble there and the price would be about the same, too.

My parents and my sibling live in the small city where I had been renting for several years. None of them think that much about the way things look. There is nothing wrong with that at all. I think it is sort of a negative that I like things to look a certain way. This is because while everyone else is happy with whatever they have, I am constantly looking at many different things with a critical eye. I often say that this is somewhat the same as when people who are really into grammar feel that spelling and grammar must be done a certain way or it really bothers them. So, wanting to leave where I was meant that I really wanted to live in nicer-looking surroundings. It was something that came to mind frequently.

Silver Spring is a really pretty place. It is located only 20 minutes from where my family is, so it would be no problem at all to jump in my car to visit home any time that I wanted to. My mom was relieved that I was not moving hours away. I drove over there on a Saturday and found a beautiful place to rent within just a couple of hours of looking at different places.