Saved Us in a Big Way

After the pipes burst in the basement, the first thing my husband said after climbing the stairs is that we better start looking for luxury apartments in Nashville. I didn’t think the damage could be that bad, but it was worse. After we got the water pumped out of the basement it was apparent that the damage the water caused was not going to be easily repaired.

Even worse was the assessment of the service people who showed up to clean up the mess. They remarked that it appeared the water had seeped into the foundation and that could cause serious issues to the house, the type of issues that would result in extensive remodeling and even removing the floor of the basement in order to fix the damage. It was obvious we couldn’t stay in our house while such repairs took place. The noise alone was going to prevent us from having any peace of mind for months. In fact, it wasn’t even clear that the damage could be fixed.

So, we needed a nice place to stay while all of these issues got sorted out. Some rudimentary investigations online turned up a great option, one that wasn’t far from our places of work. This was important as neither one of us looked forward to a lengthy commute while we weren’t living at our home. We moved in and I have got to say that I wouldn’t care if our house took a bit longer to get fixed up. This place is nice, nicer than our home and nicer than any apartments we lived in during the early years of our marriage. We both like it here so much. The other residents are nice, the floor plan is gorgeous, and the area is bustling but nice. Hopefully they’ll take their time digging into that foundation!