There Was Just One Place That Really Stood out to Me

My spouse asked if I would take care of all the logistics for our move to Singapore. That seemed like a lot for me to focus on, but everything turned out well and much easier than I could have imagined. I first started out by looking for a place for the two of us to live. The place that stood out to me the most is the New Futura condo building because it looked like a much nicer alternative over just defaulting to a small apartment. I continued looking at apartments for quite some time, until I finally realized that living in a condo would be much nicer.

I sat down with my husband to go over my findings one day before we made our move. We had originally planned to find an apartment building that we both liked, but I told him that I wasn’t really finding anything that would be suitable. I told him that I kept coming back to the New Futura condo building again and again. He crunched some numbers and felt that we could afford to buy a place there, and he also said that I should set the wheels in motion.

When we got to Singapore, I was excited by all the new sights and colors in my new country. I really wanted to start looking around the city, but I also knew that it was important for us to get settled before doing anything else. We stayed in a hotel for about four weeks while we worked on all the paperwork for our new condo. We received the keys to move in on our 30th day there. It felt like home the very first day that we came in and dropped our suitcases by the front door before sitting down in our new living room. We’re getting to know our new neighbors, and they all say that they love it here.