Wanting to Start My Own Business As a Certified Property Manager

There are a lot of rental properties around where I live. Plus, a lot of the landlords do not live anywhere close by. Some landlords own several homes in my area, and I was wanting to have a certified property manager certification to have my own business of managing rental properties for different landlords. I figured that if I did a good job for an affordable price, I could convince them to let me manage the things landlords typically have to do. I had a plan to provide the service to many landlords. That way I could make it affordable and even attractive to them while making up for any discounts by doing the work in quantity.

If a landlord has five homes in my town and has to drive an hour to get here, I could do the work and free their time to do other things. Plus, I would be working every day for many landlords to inspect properties, do routine maintenance and keep in contact with tenants. With email, texting and the ability of smartphones to instantly send images and video, landlords could see their properties without having to drive out in person. My overhead would be keeping a vehicle to get from property to property, tools I already own and a smartphone and computer I already own. Most of the income would be profit.

However, I do want to demonstrate that I do have a certified property manager certification. This way I am not just some guy who is offering to keep an eye on properties for landlords. I have always wanted to go into business for myself. I can take the responsibilities, and the freedom to be outside and away from my confining day job is very inviting to me. Plus, I can start slow and keep my day job until my business becomes profitable enough.